THE tool of your trade

Whether you are operating a courier service, or are a plumber, electrician or landscape gardener, having a van is going to be vital to your role. Not only does it get you to the required location, but it often acts as a store for your tools, materials, goods and equipment. Having a van broken into, or stolen, is a tragedy for any small trader. There are ways to mitigate this, and even prevent it entirely.

Why keeping your van secure is so crucial:


  • Protection of tools and equipment: It is often essential to carry tools and equipment in a van, when it is needed for work. It is also not always practical to remove this equipment from the van at the end of every day, especially when it may weigh upwards of 200lbs. As locksmiths, we understand why tradespeople do this, and also understand the immediate regret this can result in the next day. Worse still is the worrying about the security of the van if it is parked in a space accessible to the public, feeling anxious about the vulnerability of your tools and materials.
  • Protection of the van itself: For vans where the cabin and the storage area are not compartmentalised, the rear doors of the van are often a favourite weak point of entry for a thief. It is usually easier to hide while breaking into the rear of a vehicle, and there is no broken glass to arouse suspicion. In this instance, having visible and robust van locks are a superb deterrent.

At JC.Locksmiths, we can fit van dead locks to a high standard of workmanship, and these make break-ins from this point of entry almost impossible. In addition to this, installing an alarm, a camera system, and immobiliser is also highly recommended for any tradesperson whose van and equipment are valuable to their work.

What to do if your tools have been stolen from your van

Once you have assessed the damage, dealt with insurance and acquired some replacements, the dangers of your van being broken into again are significantly increased. This is because thieves will now recognise the van as a potential stash for valuable tools, even if you no longer keep tools in the van.

For this reason, it may be worth considering finding an alternative place to keep the van overnight, or even to replace the van with one that has different colours and markings – if that is compatible with your business. If that is not possible, installing a sturdy deadlock to the van doors will be vital, so as to prevent break-ins from thieves on a repeat visit.

How we can help:

We can repair and replace existing van locks quickly, ensuring your van is relatively secure for the near future. Obviously, you may be looking at upgrading your locks if they have failed, and we can offer expert advice on security best practices for securing vans and protecting valuable tools and equipment. This may include recommendations on suitable locks, alarm systems, and other security measures tailored to the specific needs of tradespeople.

If there has been an attempted break-in and the lock has prevented the attack but still been damaged, it is probably best to replace it with a similar style of lock. A damaged lock is highly attractive to thieves, and risks preventing you getting into your van at the vital moment, if the mechanism fails later on.

By partnering with a locksmith, tradespeople can proactively address security concerns related to their vans, safeguarding their tools, equipment, and livelihood against theft and damage.

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