There are more options than you may realise...

If you're locked out of your home without access to a phone, it can be a challenging situation, but there are still several options you can consider:

Check for alternative entry points:

Look around your property for any other potential entry points that may be unlocked or accessible, such as windows, back doors, or garage doors. Be cautious and prioritise safety when attempting to gain entry through alternative means. However, if you lock yourself out of your home unexpectedly, you'll often be surprised (and shocked!) by the number of weak points of entry there are in your home.

Often a door with a letterbox or cat flap enables access to a lock-catch if you know where it is beforehand. Open windows on the ground floor are also obvious points of entry, although this is something to consider at your own risk. Many people overbalance on windowsills or catch themselves on the lock handles when they attempt to regain entry, making a bad situation worse. Do not attempt to climb to upper floor windows unless you have a ladder you can use safely.

Other things you can do if you cannot get back into your home:

  • Seek assistance from neighbours: If you know your neighbours and feel comfortable doing so, you can try asking them for help. They may have a phone you can use to call a locksmith for assistance or may be able to offer advice or tools to help you gain entry. In any instance, it is advisable to leave a spare key with a trustworthy neighbour or relative.
  • Ask nearby businesses or public places: If you're in a residential area with nearby businesses or public places, consider visiting them to ask for assistance. You may be able to use a phone at a local shop or petrol station or ask for help from employees.
  • Look for a nearby payphone: While increasingly rare, some areas still have payphones available for public use. If you come across a payphone, you can use it to make a call for assistance. Once you have contacted a locksmith wait somewhere safe and warm if possible. They will be on hand as quickly as possible, usually within an hour in case of emergencies.
  • Prevent future lockouts: Once you've regained access to your home, take proactive steps to prevent future lockouts. Consider leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbour or family member, or invest in a key lockbox that can be securely mounted near your entryway.

Always be careful

Remember to stay calm and assess your options carefully if you find yourself locked out of your home without access to a phone. With resourcefulness and a bit of assistance, you can usually either regain entry or access an emergency locksmith to assist you in good time.

If you are ever locked out and need an emergency locksmiths, find a phone and call us on 07849 191 413.