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UPVC Locks and Repairs in Bromley

We at JC.Locksmiths are fully trained in the repair of UPVC doors and windows, as well as any other UPVC elements that might be chipped, cracked, scratched, or even dented. Once repaired, your 24/7 locksmiths in Bromley will restore the look of your UPVC door or windows, rendering them as-new, or as close as possible. We also use the latest professional repair kits and not the small DIY kits you can get on the net, to ensure the highest-quality service, with repairs that last long.

JC.Locksmiths are also specialists in opening failed UPVC doors and windows, in the event that the locking strip has broken down. We can fit a new locking stirp the very same day, thanks to the wide variety of stock we carry to all jobs. These include the Mul-T-Lock High Security 3XP cylinder, as well as a large number of other UPVC products that you may need.

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