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Auto Entry

Use J.C. and drive away today!

Many of us know the feeling of realising that you’ve just locked your keys inside your own car! Perhaps your key has broken in the lock. Well no need to worry any longer. You can call us out and we’ll be with you in no time to get you on your way in no time.


Fantastic service, value prices!

You just can’t go wrong when you hire J.C. Locksmiths. We’re the team who will be with you when you need us most.


Our auto entry service is ideal when you’ve:

  • Lost your car keys
  • Locked your keys in your car
  • Broken your keys
  • Broken your keys in the lock


Pickbuster – What Is It?

The Problem

Lock bumping is a method of gaining entry to a property when your locked out that locksmiths have used for many years, but now there is a new threat “the burglar.”

Bump keys are a normal key cut to a way that fools the lock into thinking its being opened by the right key. These keys and how to use them are all over the net, are very cheap and easy to use so dont be a victim.

The Solution

Pickbuster is a simple, economical and permanent solution of lock bumping. Pickbuster is a highly developed, synthetic oil that once inserted into the lock barrel will act as a shock absorber to stop the bump key from working. Pickbuster is also approved by the Institute of Certified Locksmiths.

JC Locksmiths are approved installers of pickbuster you can also find us on Pickbuster web site.

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